In addition to providing quality, we also express our concern for the quality of life led by the poor. So, we started some practices to help improve the living conditions of the downtrodden.

Castle Creations believes in doing responsible business, which is why CC undertakes a variety of community initiatives, large and small. At CC we hope to return more to the community and environment in which we live. Initiatives such as clean & healthy work place for staffs, eye care and medical camps for staff and their families, funding for the education of children in need and active participation with various voluntary charities have been undertaken. As far as the environment is concerned, we make sure that as little harm as possible is done so that we have clean and green chimneys and the waste is disposed of properly for recycling.

Compliance & Sustainability
  • An independent compliance team ensures that all units produced are done so ethically under transparent conditions.

  •  A dynamic Training team is involved in training all personnel to ensure that all changes become sustainable.

  • All new ventures of the organization involve usage of solar power and natural lighting.

  • Basic softener washes are done in an in-house developed process with minimal use of water and zero discharge of effluents.

We are fully committed to reducing our environmental impact across the scope of our operation and through services we deliver.


We aim to tackle the issues that impact society and contribute positively to local communities


We are committed to develop a diverse and enable workforce from the widest talent pools and promote equal opportunities for all.


We value the importance of our people we strive to promote a positive health culture, in order to enable individuals to feel more resilient and cope successfully with both their personal and work life.


We conduct our business in a open, honest and ethical manner and actively strive to implement anti-corruption practices and socially responsible manufacturing.

6s - Copy

6S has been adopted by the company and is being implemented across the company in a phased manner ensuring reduction of wastage and optimizing usages in all areas.


Cotton Filling

Fabric waste from cut waste and end bits are used in filling of chairpads, mattress cushions, and beds.

Polyester Filling

We use Oeko Tex certified fill fiber made of PET bottle.